As my name is Edward and my initials match the domain name ECFR I thought this would be the perfect place to run my personal website from. For me this is more of an experiment on how to set everything up properly and get my friends and family involved as well.

A little about me, I grew up in London and emigrated to South Africa at the tender age of 14. This was a huge move for me and it took some time to get used to living here, although things have come a long way in this country it was very backwards compared to the UK when I first arrived. You found it hard to source common things and the idea of internet shopping was non existent. Often, I would have to rely on family and friends to bring simple things (link CD’s) back with them when they were going on holiday!

The weather this side is so much better and this made up for so much enabling me to spend a lot more time outdoors exploring this amazing country. These days my life very much revolves around spending time at the beach, barbecuing with friends and taking my kids on hikes in nature reserves and game parks.

I have developed a passion for Golf, living in a country with almost perfect weather all year around helps, and when I am not with family you will probably find me hanging out on the golf course. I have even gone so far as to setup my own golf studio at home complete with a simulator, more on that later – this is the best way to lower your handicap and build a great swing!

As one of the top exporting countries of fine wines I have also become a collector. There are so many different wines to try out (most of them come from the Cape) that it would take more than a lifetime. Trips to the Cape happen as often as possible and I always find myself coming home with a box or two of exciting bottles to try out. If you ever decide to make out a trip out here then make sure the Cape is on your list.

Most people stopping by this site will already know me and the simple pleasures I enjoy in life, but, if you stumble in here by accident you might just find something interesting to read about.


Change of Life in 2015

As with many of us out there the new year often presents the opportunity to make lifestyle changes. The statistics are fairly bleak with most resolutions (over 90%) shelved within the first 2 weeks. I am hoping to be a little bit different to the numbers and actually try and make it through to ensure that I lose some weight and improve my overall health. As someone who has just reached 40 there is never a better time!

These changes necessitate a couple of things in my life, the first is a change of the way I eat and the second is to get some exercise. I actually love to swim and I am lucky enough to have my own swimming pool so hopefully number 2 will be a little bit easier. Winter may present somewhat of a challenge but we will see :-)

In order to improve my eating habits I invested in a powerful masticating juicing machine to allow me to grind up almost anything I can think of to make healthy juices and shakes. This is awesome for the mornings (apart from cleaning the thing) as I can throw in some fruit or vegetables and end up with some type of drink full of goodness. This also helps avoid the usual breakfast cereals, toasts and other carbohydrates food types. I guess we will see but even if I had to completely fail at my plan I can still put this machine to good use!

The machine I ended up going for was an Omega and it really is a solid workhorse that I would recommend to anyone who is in the market for a powerful masticating style juicer. You can read up here for the full Omega Review. I also got myself a couple of other blenders and small kitchen appliances as there are times when you don’t really need to use such a powerful machine, when processing eggs as an example.

Right now, I would say that I am overweight by around 25kg’s and if I can manage to lose that then I would hit my ideal weight. I am under no illusions though, this will be fairly hard and I am going to have to work seriously hard if I have any chance of making it through. I am giving myself a goal of 6 months to get half way there so I will keep updating (at least once per month) with my progress.

Gaming Desk Sorted!

So, after a long process of looking around to find a desk that suited my purposes I decided to get a dedicated gaming desk. I chose one from this site and the Atlantic Gaming Desk, which you can see over here ended up being the perfect solution as well as a space saver which has worked out better than getting a much larger desk.

Atlantic Desk for GamersI was in two minds whether this would be a good idea or not as it is a little bit small when you have a PC on it, but, it does have lots of handy hooks and attachments to keep speakers, drinks, headphones and remotes out of the way. I guess this a good idea for those short of space but for me it just makes sense as I mainly use the computer for gaming. As you can see it also can take a PC and laptop at the same time which is perfect for my personal needs.

As I have mentioned before I am an avid golfer and I use my golf simulator in conjunction with my PC a lot of the time so I needed to think about a smaller desk that would not take up too much room. As you can appreciate, you need a lot of available space when swinging a golf club so having a large desk in the room makes no sense at all. I also play Tiger Woods golf on the PC sometimes, just for a little bit of fun, and I did hear there will be some new software coming soon which will enable me to link my simulator and the game together. It may be worth getting a Play Station for this but I will need to see how it all works out.

Putting the Atlantic Desk together was not so easy though, what is it with instructions these days! Almost everything I have bought recently has been an absolute nightmare to put together. I am certainly not stupid when it comes to fixing things up around the home and general DIY but I really find modern furniture with instructions a nightmare to put together – I am sure these manufacturers could put a little more effort into explaining things!

I am still working hard on my golf swing and I have set myself some goals to achieve by the end of the year. I have also started to look at getting some exercise and slightly adjusting my diet to keep me sharp and a little bit more healthy. Golfers tend to spend all their time fussing over swing techniques but working to improve your health, fitness and flexibility can also play hand in hand with shot improvements. This an area many of us overlook and in some ways it is just as important as spending hours practicing. Some say Golf is in a large part a mental game so changing up the diet can certainly help there. I am trying to eat a lot more fish oils (brain foods) in the hope that it can slightly pick up my mental abilities and that should translate into more focus out on the course. I will report back on my progress to see if it is helping or not.


Car Fixed, Golfing and a New Desk!

So, what I have been up to recently. While I have finally managed to sort out my car problems – what a mission that was and if I add up all the costs it come in at quite a shocking amount! As I said before, SA is a wonderful country but when things go wrong it is not the best place to be. Everyone is looking to make some quick cash off you, and you normally end up falling for it, especially after you are still in shock from a car accident!

Golf has been going rather well and I proud to mention that have managed to drop 3 shots off my handicap over the past few months. Now, to anyone reading that is not big into golf that may sound like a small amount. Let me tell you – dropping shots off your handicap in this game is not easy and take a huge amount of work and practice. Personally, I am very happy with my progress and I can see my game going from strength to strength during 2014.

I am on the lookout for a new desk, this sounds fairly simple but there are just so many to choose from it is quite hard to make a selection. As someone who spends a lot of time at the PC it is important to ensure I get one that is comfortable and has enough space for all my stuff. These days, many people with all sorts of health issues (RSI and strain) from using desks that are awkward, too high or too low and with chair that do not fit together with everything properly. I am planning on getting a corner unit which I hope will do the trick. This means I can have the PC on one side and leave a space for writing and general stuff.

I am planning another trip soon, this time I am heading up to the berg (local mountains) and hope to spend some more time on the golf course. The problem is that it is freezing this time of year and that sort of ruins the fun. There is an upside though, with the ground cold and the grass pretty dead this time of year you can end up with a lot more distance as your golf ball tends to run a lot further – I suppose this is cheating in a way but with the reduced thickness in the air combined with the ground conditions it makes it a lot of fun!

I will update soon with news on my trips and perhaps a picture of the desk I end up choosing.

Car Accident and Some Bad News

I recently took a little trip up to Durban to visit some friends and play a little bit of golf. Durban has some awesome golf courses around the main city and also a little bit further out on the South Coast. Staying down South is always a great experience as the weather is generally excellent right throughout the year and there is plenty to do.

Normally, when I am in this area I try and get a couple of nights at the Wild Coast which has a championship golf course and a nice little Casino to keep you busy at night. They also have some great restaurants where you can find almost any style you want.

This time things did not go so well as I ended up having a car accident on the way down. It was really a bit of bad luck on my part as it was one of those stupid things which resulted from a short lack of concentration! Although it was not my fault I found out that the other driver did not have adequate insurance so I had to visit my attorney in Hillcrest to get everything sorted out properly.

BM crash

One of the problems of living in South Africa comes when something goes wrong, it is normally a great place to be when everything is going well but the minute something goes wrong you can end up in trouble. The police force is generally useless and the tow truck driver that eventually collected my car ended up charging my a fortune to drive it back to Durban!

After wasting a day and half I eventually managed to get it all sorted out and with the use of a hire car I can get on with my trip. I have had to change things around a little bit as I lost my booking at the Casino but I did manage to make a plan to stay at a small bed and breakfast just down the road.

Hopefully the rest of my trip goes without incident and I can get on with the business of playing some golf! I am looking forward to getting out on the course again, after working really hard on my golf swing over the couple of months it should be a great test to see if I have made any progress.


My Golf Setup

As I mentioned in my opening post I have developed a serious addiction to the game of golf. If any of you play the game then you know how addictive it can be and it is a game that takes a lot of hard work and practice before you see any results.

Learning the basics of the game is fairly simple but the better you get the harder it becomes to improve till you get to a point that is hard to overcome. One of the problems most golfers with a family encounter is finding the time to actually work on the game. This is where getting setup at home can make a really big difference and help push past those points that seem to be impossible.

The first stage is to select a simulator, you can read these golf simulator reviews to find out more as there are several high end dependable models you can choose from. Deciding on the amount you want to spend and the space you have at home is the first step. I decided to go with the brand new Optishot 2 which has more than enough features for my needs.

Setting up is quite hard as you must have enough space to allow for a full golf swing, these products are designed for indoor use only so you have to keep that in mind before spending a large chunk of cash!

Assuming you have the space then you will find it really simple to work on your game from home. I tend to schedule my practice times for the evening this is one of the advantages, you can work on your swing when it’s dark!

I have found a tremendous improvement in my skills and consistency since investing and I would urge you to consider it if you are serious about your game!